About Us


The Zane Stock Tank has been a staple in livestock watering systems across the Midwest since 1979. It originated in Scranton, ND. Ken and Anita Bridgeford bought the business in January of 2000 and moved it to Lewistown, MT. Our company primarily serves Montana and other nearby states such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

We strive to be the very best at what we do. Our tanks are built to last, using a bi-directional woven mat, which gives them the puncture and tear resistance that speaks to the high quality of our craftsmanship. We also box in the lip of our tanks for added cattle-pressure resistance.

With the exception of the R19 and sheep tanks, all of our stock tanks can be insulated and ordered with or without covers. We can also customize your tank by adding a standpipe and a hatch and specifying the number of drinkers.


Also available are buried or above ground storage tanks for potable, non-potable, and  oilfield use, built to ANSI standards. 

All of our tanks are under a two-year warranty against workmanship and materials.

We also sell repair kits and extra drain plugs. 

Interested in Becoming a Dealer?


For information about becoming a Dealer, contact Plant Manager Michael Bridgeford at  1-800-889-3281.



Customer Testimonials

Kuehn Trenching-Montana

 "I have handled Montana Fiberglass tanks for nearly 15 years now. Ken and the crew have been great to work with and respond immediately to any concerns we may have. They are always willing to listen to new ideas and incorporate those into their products. I would stand them up against any other brand of fiberglass tank out there. Feedback from customers over the years has been great."

        -Ty Kuehn, Kuehn Trenching in Glendive, MT

Prairie Lumber-North Dakota

 "The customer service is excellent, the communication is superb, and the tanks speak for themselves. They are of excellent quality and what we need to withstand the elements and cattle.

        -Nicole Davidson, Prairie Lumber in Golva, ND

Chelsea H.

Last summer my father installed a 5x12 insulated fiberglass tank, single  drinker w/heat sink and insulated cover. Covered it with 12" of dirt,  Checked it the morning a few days ago when it was -30 degrees.  It was  open! No Ice! We are watering 140 cows there. Would highly recommend  Montana Fiberglass and their tanks to any local rancher/farmer. 

-Chelsea  H. (via Yelp)

Jeff Oakland-North Dakota

 I do have one of these tanks. It's my favorite. I will probably get more.

Thanks again!- Jeff

       -Jeff Oakland of North Dakota

Dwight E. Donaldson-Montana

They are the strongest tank I've seen. Anything you want to be permanent, this is the tank!

        -Dwight E. Donaldson of Central Montana