Critter Safety



 In a continuing effort to make a safe environment for animals, whether bird or four-legged, the NRCS requires that all tanks used by the government be provided with wild life ramps to aid in escape. 

We only offer the built-in fiberglass ramp in the 10ft diameter tank. 

 For other sizes, we have an NRCS approved aluminum ramp that bolts to the side of the tank. 

Sanded Bottom


Bottoms of tanks can be sanded for extra traction.

Aluminum Wildlife Escape Ramp-Summer Tanks


Can be installed in any size summer stock tank except sheep tanks. It is approximately 18" tall, 28" wide, and 33" diagonal. It is made of aluminum; it conforms to the side of the tank, hooks on the lip, and must be bolted into place.

Aluminum Wildlife Escape Ramp-Insulated Tanks


These ramps are for the Insulated 7' x 12'.

Fiberglass Fish Raceways

Big Spring Trout Hatchery


Fish raceways built for Big Spring Trout Hatchery of Lewistown, MT


These fish runs have been made and designed with fish hatcheries in mind. These runs are 64 inches wide and 36 inches deep & the length is a custom request according to customer preference. The end sections are 15 feet in length, and each middle section is 10 feet in length. A tank can be made anywhere from 30 feet in length (using two end pieces) or 45 feet in length (using one middle section and two ends) to 60 feet in length. 

Big Spring Trout Hatchery


  Fish raceways built for Big Spring Trout Hatchery of Lewistown, MT 

Inside of Assembled Raceway


 Each section is sealed with a rubber gasket and then bolted together. Each section is 1/4 inch thick and each lip is 1/2" to 3/4" of solid fiberglass. You can back-fill your tanks with dirt or use chains across the top to keep them from spreading. 

Giant Springs Trout Hatchery


Fiberglass Viewing Run custom-built for Giant Springs Trout Hatchery

of Great Falls, MT

Insulated Huts

Insulated Fiberglass Buildings. 

Available in 8'x12' or 8' x16'


Well Pit Covers

Our well pit covers offer protection for your well and your plumbing/electrical. There is an access hatch in the top with a built-in ladder and a panel attached to the inside for mounting your electrical to. 6ft diameter, 8ft tall. Half of this is insulated, the other half goes in the ground.